Introducing G & S Jewelry!

Exciting news!  I now have an etsy shop, G & S Jewelry, featuring my own handmade creations!  This has been something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, and I’m so happy that it has finally happened!

Please head on over to to explore my new shop!



Project Restyle

Boy.  It’s been a while since I’ve last logged in to WordPress….. Never fear, I haven’t completely forgotten about it as I’m here today to share about a really simple restyle I did the other week.

Basically, what you need is something to redo and colour paint of your choice and a paintbrush.  Pretty easy.  🙂  I think this whole project from start to finish took about 2 hours at the most but I had a lot of space to paint.  And I did two or three coats over the whole thing, which I highly recommend doing.

Here’s what my metal flower used to look like:KINDLE_CAMERA_1391363325000(Purple isn’t my favorite color.) 🙂

After a few coats of paint, here’s what my new flower looks like:

KINDLE_CAMERA_1391523269000I like it much better.  🙂

Goodbye 2013

Wow. It’s the last day of 2013. Crazy, right?  The year always goes so fast!  Although my intentions for making my blog more established haven’t quite happened, I am okay with that at this point.  I am slowly getting into posting more often (okay, very slowly) and I know it will take time to get into doing it regularly.  I have enjoyed making this blog more of my own since I began it, and it has been nice to record a few of my favorite projects and make them available to others who can then enjoy them as I have.  Thank you for comments.  Even though it’s just a small thing, it is very encouraging for me to read them, and inspires me to keep this blog going.

So, with that, Happy New Year!!!  I am excited to se what this blog will look like through the next year!!

DIY: Leather Cuff Bracelet


What do you do with those leather belts that get worn out and start to break apart after a time?  Make jewelry!  There is always some good leather left on your old belt, and that is the part that makes for a great bracelet.


You’ll need:

-Old leather belt

-6-8 inches of suede string




First, find the part of your belt that is still good.  You’ll want it to be at least seven inches, or thereabouts, depending on your wrist size.

Wrap the part of the belt that you’ll be using for your bracelet around your wrist so the ends meet where you want them to.  Then, lay the belt next to the ruler to find the length to cut it to for your wrist.

Next, take your scissors and cut the leather to the size you need on both sides.

If your belt has holes in it already, then you can skip this step.  But, if you don’t have any holes in your leather, then you will need to put four holes in it, two on each side where the two ends meet, so the suede string can fit through.  You could probably use a safety pin for this step.

Now, string the suede through to make a sort of “x” shape where the ends meet.  Knot the ends of the suede.  The nice part of using suede for this is that you are able to adjust how tight you want your bracelet to fit, and it can now loosen for easy putting on.   (I left about 2-3 inches of suede on the ends before the knot, and just tuck them into the bracelet and under my sleeve.)

That’s it!! You’re done.  🙂

It is very quick, uses on hand materials, and turns out looking very neat and cool looking!


(This is the back of the bracelet, where the suede makes an x for staying on.)



DIY Wood Triangle Earrings

Okay, so a little while ago, I saw this inspiring diy on a blog that I knew I had to try.  Well, this is how it turned out!!!! 


I LOVE how it turned out!! Eeek!! It is so cute! I love how the turquoise and gold paint complements each other so well!! 🙂 

Okay, so this is all I used to make these beauties:

-1/16 inch thick sheets of birch wood

-turquoise and gold paint

-1/16 inch drill bit

-power drill 

-wire ear hooks

-four jump rings


So, I first traced out the size of my six triangles on the wood with pencil.  I found that it would’ve been really helpful for the blogger who I got this from to have written their measurements, so I will give you the ones I used.  Feel free to make them bigger or smaller to your choice though.  The larger ones measured 3x3x3 cm and for the second ones they measured 2 1/2×2 1/2×2 1/2 cm. (Two and one half centimeters) And the smallest triangles measured 2x2x2 cm. 

So, once you’ve done that, you can either use an x-acto knife or scissors (yes, I know, scissors.  But it actually works okay! 🙂 ) and cut the triangles out. (Cutting against the grain of the wood made it split less for me.) 

Then, paint the triangles.  I did turquoise for the smallest, and gold for the largest, and left the medium ones the natural wood look. 

Now, using a 1/16 inch drill bit and your power drill, carefully drill a hole into the top of the smallest triangle.  

Glue them together, with a bit of space between each triangle. 

Then, attach two jump rings and an earring wire together and attach to the triangle trio.  😉 

Repeat this to the other triangle trio, and you’re DONE!! YAY! 

Aren’t they just so cute?! 😀 

And that’s all! 


DIY: Clay Roses Tutorial

DSC09049 This is a super easy, minimal amount of supplies, quick, and cute DIY project.  I have made tons of these roses, and they look so perfect and dainty as a necklace or a ring!  So, let’s get started! 🙂

You’ll Need: 1 color of POLYMER CLAY (I suppose air dry clay might work, but I have never used it for this.  My guess is that it probably wouldn’t be sturdy enough.) You can find this at joanns.

Utility knife or exacto knife

Here’s what you do:

Take a little bit of clay in your hands and soften it to get the air bubbles out:


Then, once it is easy enough to shape with it, pinch a little bit off:


Flatten it into a small circle:


After that, roll it into a cone shape, this is your stem:



Okay, so once you’ve done that, make another circle, and carefully attach it to the stem:



The top of the rose will look like this:


Then, make another circle and attach it to the stem on the opposite side of the first petal:


After this, make as many petals as you want for your rose by making a circle of clay and adding it to the stem with the other petals:


Okay, so once you’re satisfied with how your rose looks, take your utility or exacto knife to cut the extra clay off the bottom of the rose. When doing this, it’s important to make sure that when you’re cutting the clay you don’t smash the rose on one side:



DSC09044You can carefully move the petals a little bit to how you want them.  Bake your rose in the oven according to the directions on your clay package.  You’re done!! 🙂


You could glue this to a ring with a flat circle base, or make two and glue them onto some earring posts! Or, if you wanted to make a necklace, you can really carefully attach a jump ring on the back and then cover it with a little clay so that it is secured before you bake it.  When doing this, be really careful, because you can smush the rose, and then you have to start over. There are so many cool ideas for using these!  Be looking for an upcoming post featuring things to make with these cute roses, and more!

And there you go! That’s how to make a polymer clay rose! 🙂