DIY Wood Triangle Earrings

Okay, so a little while ago, I saw this inspiring diy on a blog that I knew I had to try.  Well, this is how it turned out!!!! 


I LOVE how it turned out!! Eeek!! It is so cute! I love how the turquoise and gold paint complements each other so well!! 🙂 

Okay, so this is all I used to make these beauties:

-1/16 inch thick sheets of birch wood

-turquoise and gold paint

-1/16 inch drill bit

-power drill 

-wire ear hooks

-four jump rings


So, I first traced out the size of my six triangles on the wood with pencil.  I found that it would’ve been really helpful for the blogger who I got this from to have written their measurements, so I will give you the ones I used.  Feel free to make them bigger or smaller to your choice though.  The larger ones measured 3x3x3 cm and for the second ones they measured 2 1/2×2 1/2×2 1/2 cm. (Two and one half centimeters) And the smallest triangles measured 2x2x2 cm. 

So, once you’ve done that, you can either use an x-acto knife or scissors (yes, I know, scissors.  But it actually works okay! 🙂 ) and cut the triangles out. (Cutting against the grain of the wood made it split less for me.) 

Then, paint the triangles.  I did turquoise for the smallest, and gold for the largest, and left the medium ones the natural wood look. 

Now, using a 1/16 inch drill bit and your power drill, carefully drill a hole into the top of the smallest triangle.  

Glue them together, with a bit of space between each triangle. 

Then, attach two jump rings and an earring wire together and attach to the triangle trio.  😉 

Repeat this to the other triangle trio, and you’re DONE!! YAY! 

Aren’t they just so cute?! 😀 

And that’s all! 



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